Kneeling  by Nuit d'Or ©2011

Kneeling by Nuit d'Or ©2011

Sacred & Profane

Man's time is divided into Profane time and Sacred time, Profane time being ordinary time, the time of work and of respect for the taboos, and Sacred time being that of Celebrations, that is the essence of time for transgressing the taboos. As far as Eroticism goes, Celebrations are time for [transgressing the taboo on Sex] for sexual license. As far as Religion goes, it is particularly the time for Sacrifice, for the transgression of the taboo on Murder

George Bataille - Eroticism

I believe that one of our fundamental needs as human beings, is the need for Connection. At our core, we are also, to various degrees, curious and / or fascinated about our Roots and anguished by our Mortality.

Yet, we must explore these regions with consideration to our continuity on this plane, for Connection is brought about by the dissolving of our fragile shells and ego boundaries to allow our merging with all that is alive.

Rituals & Ceremonies

It is my belief and experience, that BDSM is one path to Connection, to our Essence via the worship of the Sacred. It binds the Dominant and the submissive, the Mistress and the slave in an Archetypal pair. 

Though Rituals and Ceremonies created and staged by the Mistress after a process of consensual negotiation, enacted in real time and in the flesh, a Primordial Force is released, it can flow, nourish and connect the participants. This occurs by way of the submissive's acceptance of his Mistresses's Will and ultimate devotion to the Female.

For those inclined to a formal content and atmosphere, I will compose a Ceremony around a Fetish or a Fantasy. 

I also delight in receiving couples who would like to mark an event on their BDSM path, as well as seasoned BDSM players.