CREATING 'CUM NOVACK' - Dominance, power exchange, trust and pushing the limits

Gender exploration, feminisation and latex fetish

In these times of dire crisis of masculinity and abuse of power, it is a true privilege, as BDSM players to act out our fantasies around Dominance & submission and explore power, gender, servitude, coercion, restraint, humiliation, surrender, chastity, lust and ecstasy in a consensual and safe manner.

This requires from all participants in a scene to have at least, the will to look into the shadows of their minds where, on the hip of the juicy “compost” of our minds, blooms the personal magnificent and venenous flowers that brighten our Jardins intérieurs. These flowers need to be owned, tended to, lest they transform into ugly, distorted creepers which can grow unruly and sometimes suffocates our fire.

As a professional Dominatrix, one of my skills is to allow you to disclose your mind - this wonderful sexual organ – and then to retrieve the kernels that will inspire a session. I never forget that you are my “charge”, maybe this is why I can push limits that they never dreamed they would be able to cross with my devotees and my slaves.

Cum Novak is one of them: My wonderful slave ¥ was always very happy to be heavily fetishised in an androgynous way as well as being tortured in the most exquisite manners. Forced feminisation was one of his hard limits….

Trust is the key, isn’t it?

Well, ¥ is well on the way, as you can see in these pictures of one of his many gorgeous feminine avatars; Cum Novack

Cum Novack by Nuit d'Or©2017

Cum Novack by Nuit d'Or©2017

The Return of ..... Nuit

As the days shorten and the trees turn from emerald and malachite to topaz and copper, it is time to return to the hidden sanctuary where Mysteries are enacted. Time to worship the Goddess in her many avatars.

The Seraglio, silent for a while, is ready to echo again the whispers of commands from dark blood lips, the muffled cries of acquiescent and delighted submissives in the intimate sacred celebrations of the Eternal Feminine,

Dominant and wise, in turn, cruel and exacting yet nurturing, I will lead you once again from the mundane to the sacred place of Surrender.

As you may recall, I prefer email solicitations rather than telephone calls,

à bientôt,

Maîtresse Nuit



À bientôt

To all my loyal followers and visitors: Maitresse Nuit has not disappeared but rather is taking time to focus on other activities which for now are the priorities.

I had kept the hope that I would find enough time to continue to session whilst working on my other venture. This has proved too taxing and ultimately, it would have impacted my devotees in a manner that I wouldn't wish. 

In the meantime I regret that I will not be responding to messages and enquiries but I will post here again when circumstances change.

à bientôt

Maîtresse Nuit



Posted on October 2, 2016 .