À bientôt

To all my loyal followers and visitors: Maitresse Nuit has not disappeared but rather is taking time to focus on other activities which for now are the priorities.

I had kept the hope that I would find enough time to continue to session whilst working on my other venture. This has proved too taxing and ultimately, it would have impacted my devotees in a manner that I wouldn't wish. 

In the meantime I regret that I will not be responding to messages and enquiries but I will post here again when circumstances change.

à bientôt

Maîtresse Nuit



Posted on October 2, 2016 .

A pert bottom....

Or the delicious dangers of having a voluptuous yet firm "derrière" and being Maîtresse's property ...

I must admit I find it very difficult to resist the pleasure of transforming a male.... Here, the very dignified [m von s] is being coerced from butler to erotic object: Forcing the reluctant but submissive ego to don the attire of the slut and cinching his waist in PVC, restraining his wrists and ankles in fetters is rather pleasing...

A pert bottom by ©Nuit d'Or2015

Al Andalous - Maîtresse Nuit's new photos by Lucina Nathanael

Al Andalous - Maîtresse Nuit's new photos by Lucina Nathanael