Heels  by Lucina Nathanael ©2013

Heels by Lucina Nathanael ©2013

Translocation of desire

Whilst I consider myself a Fetishistic Aesthete rather than a pure Fetishist, I am endlessly fascinated by singular Fetishes and Fetishists. It is extremely satisfying to nail down a fetish, to explore, understand, style and stage a fetish session. Often the fetish itself is so subtle, precise yet elusive, mysterious. It's divine qualities are revealed when I experience your transformation at it's worship. 

Precious Vessels, Restraints and Opulence

My interests revolve around two contrasting and erogenous zones: the Visual Captor - restraint, bondage, hoods, gags, latex, rubber, corsetry and also the Sensual Opulent - blood, furs, leather, silk, perfume. 

Foot Fetish

Hauffman's, The Red Shoes fascinated me as a child. I adored this terrifying story of sexual passage and all the misfortunes that befell it's precocious, and courageous heroin and with whom I shared a passion for dancing. I was fascinated, titillated, horrified, incensed and ultimately saddened by her fate.

It is only much later that I watched the superb Powel and Pressburger movieBy then, I had developed a Fetish for feet, boots and shoes.

Vertiginous heels, curved heels, deep throated Pumps revealing stretched arches, stilettos, classic court shoes, Cuissardes, thigh high boots, laced more than buttoned, riding boots and Doc Martins as well as more exotic items, like point shoes, Two Tones, Golf shoes, Chinese slippers, Japanese Getas, Venetian Chopines, Roman high laced buskins, and further down, callipers. This is accompanied by a compulsive love of gloves and corsets with a predilection for leather armours and orthopaedic corsets and all precious vessels.

I become the high Priestess of an utterly individual cult. I officiate in it's sacred rites of pain and pleasure, I torture and nurture you as a devotee. Thus, I am transformed into the Goddess whose rule is implacable, whose hunger is insatiable, my tribute is the blood of your soul and you must be willing to offer yourself in sacrifice to keep me satisfied and quench my lust, never expecting that I might smile upon the cipher you have become, but forever striving for the Sublime encounter.