La Discipline de la Douleur

At a tender age I became the exacting Teacher, who would give corrections to my little gang of friends...with help from any instrument I could lay my hands on.

Later, Dance was the ideal school of Discipline, and I adored both submitting to the intense training and mortification involved in attaining perfect kinetic shapes.

I draw upon my early investigations, experiments and arousal, fed later by Art, Literature and the Occult.

For sessions this culminates in the incorporation of Discipline, Bondage, Investigations and Treatments of a very special kind - Transformation through Pain at Pleasure's edge.

 Her Cane  by Raven Image ©2010

 Her Cane by Raven Image ©2010

Corporal Punishment

Formal, traditional, precise and elegant, whether brutal or sensual, I will give you Orders and Punishment.

I feel the historical lineage, generations of Mistresses, Governesses, Priestesses witnessing the ceremony as I hold the instrument of purification.

The insolent, often intolerable pain you receive with humble acceptance at the strike of my cane, the lash of the single tail or the infinite combination of slaps and blows of my hands on your bare buttocks captivates us both and creates a connection that erases time and space. 

Under my lead, we journey and pay homage to the Artemis's Priestesses of Sparta, the flagellants of Medieval times and Catholic Festivals still held in Spain, the stern disciplinarian Head Mistresses and Governesses of 18th and 19th centuries, to the cold, cruel and alluring Femmes Fatales of Sacher Masoch.

I am a fiend for the obscenely beautiful mark of the cane and the whip and the rhythmic cadenza of their delivery which can transport you from agony into a euphoric trance.