Double or Multiple Trouble!

I do enjoy collaboration. Between you and me, bien sûr, and also with my Friends. So, when the situation asks for more than Maîtresse, I will choose amongst my friends, all Elite Dominas, who will be most suited to participate in a session that you will remember. 

My Partners in Crime

Miss S Meyers

The quintessential English Domme, Miss S Meyers specialises in domestic discipline and intelligent, complex roleplay, amongst other areas of BDSM. A natural actress with striking looks

True Severity

The tall Amazon Beauty is one of London’s best-regarded dominatrices.  She pursues a course of strong psychological and physical domination. She is experienced at all specialist areas of BDSM, and has an amazing wardrobe of fetish wear.


Mistress Jezabel

A tattooed beauty, Mistress Jezabel specialises in decadent delightful domination. 

Mistress Morrigan

Cruel and sadistic, intoxicating and magnetic, Morrigan is the ultimate Dark Goddess.


Studio Avalon

The Crème de la Crème of dungeons, located in Spandau, Berlin. Managed expertly by the gorgeous Lady Marlon.


The History & Arts of the Dominatrix

The illustrated treatise on the Dominatrix throughout history. Recommended reading for any attentive slave or fetishist.