The Pied Piper  by Raven ©2010

 The Pied Piper by Raven ©2010

Eros' Theatre

Head trips with a script...

Coming from the world of the theatre, I enjoy staging a session in detail, from the script to set, including casting, styling and of course enacting your fantasy, or Mine.

Suspense, illumination, interrogation, rapture… I upset your expectations and open the door to a carefully lit stage as you become the puppet of my play and you relinquish control.

Some scenes can run along traditional lines: the exacting Boarding School Head Mistress or Dance Teacher, the stern but caring Governess, the sadistic Doctor interested in experimentation, the delicious tyrannic Queen or the sinister and alluring head of secret services versed in kidnapping and interrogation…

More elaborate scenari often involve other players, my Partners in crime all highly regarded and talented Mistresses, submissives and switches, but also creative performers whom I carefully choose. 

Be aware that I love Public Play, it fulfils a powerful fantasy based on exhibition and performance.

Lastly, you might be one of the few persons whom I deem a potential participant in the ultimate experience of Role Play which could last for 24 hours or more, here in England or abroad.