Suspended Animation  by Nuit d'Or ©2012

 Suspended Animation by Nuit d'Or ©2012

Edge Play, Radical Ecstasy

The simplicity of the instant belongs to the man, who, spontaneously bewitched, is laid open to anguish.

George Bataille - Eroticism


Playing at the Edge is crossing the threshold to 'Radical Ecstasy' a term coined by Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy in their book, Radical Ecstasy: SM Journeys to Transcendence. Time collapses as an intimate connection forms; this is the path to Ecstasy.

I am a sensual sadist with a penchant for blood. Needles, scalpels, suturing, intense whipping and caning excite me. I am also skilled at and enjoy the intimacy of both fisting and breath play with a selected few. 

The simple beauty of a crimson droplet swelling at the side of your nipple, just at the entrance point of the needle delights me. I am transported once the hollowed steel has pierced your flesh in a white flash of searing pain. 

I delight in weaving intricate structures made of silk threads pulling your skin from needles, patterns serving as anchor points, in webs of which you are the vulnerable captive.

In the silence of the room our parallel concentration deepens the power exchange as the work progresses and I spin my yarn and you are transformed in an endorphin cocoon.

Your gasps are erotic music to my ears, as you dance in sacrifice to the hiss of my single tail whip and your skin quivers from it's wrapping embrace or it's pointed kiss, changing colour and texture as the lashes succeed each other relentlessly.

I expect you to be eloquent and communicate clearly if you want to explore the nether landscapes of BDSM with me. I only play at the edge with experienced devotees who I assess beforehand to make sure that their health is sound and to limit risks. Sessions tend to be longer, I do not like to rush things at the best of times.