London Dominatrice Maitresse Nuit visits DER FEMDOM in Zurich

London Classique Dominatrice Maîtresse Nuit will stop by DER FEMDOM in Zurich, Switzerland, to conduct Pro-Domme sessions on july 4TH and 5th.

An opportunity for connoisseurs and novices alike to sample Maîtresse Nuit's Erotic Rituals in one of the amazing settings provided by DER FEMDOM’s elegant and well-appointed playrooms.

Follow me along the dark corridors of Herrin Ariadne's Zurich abode; I might lead you to Der Dom, a classical, gorgeous leather room to saddle or to harness you to my carriage. Your endurance will dictate whether you need correction. Crops, canes, floggers or single tail whips, I will leave my mark in your memory as well as your body*. 

Alternatively, I might ensnare you in my net of artful and inescapable rope bondage or lead you through the cercles of hell and ectasy enclosing you in several layers of latex and saran wrapp bondage for an "Osiris" ritual in the Rubber Room.... The rhythm of the f*ng machine and the pumps of the milking machine the background cadenza to your inner erotic sensations.

The immaculate Clinic with the space gynecologycal bench and the impressive Hall will be the theaters of interrogations, cross-examinations, in order to ascertain whether you are sound of body and mind and thus able to be trusted with certain missions. You will be kept in captivity in one of the cells in order to further your training.

Fear not .... I have a certain  "je ne sais quoi' which persuades the most recalcitrants, and if luring isn’t enough... Well, coercion will be used and you will be abused**.

Finally, you might be priviledged enough to be invited to be trained to serve Maîtresse in the quality of sissy maid or rubber creature. In the seclusion of the Fetish Boudoir, you will be transformed according to my caprice of the moment: delightful byzarre creature, rubber Doll or grotexte soubrette... This implies strict protocol, feminisation, manners as well as slut training.

Genuine submissives, slaves, masochists, sissies and fetishists are welcome to send a polite request for an audience via email: maitressenuit@btinernet.com

Note that you will have to send a deposit to her Paypal account in order to secure a session.

You will receive serious consideration for a session if you submit a written request that is well thought out, concise and demonstrates that you have familiarised yourself with the contents of her website.

* & **                Maîtresse Nuit practices according to the Safe, Sane and Consensual guidelines.

Photo by Lucina Nathanael ©Nuitd'Or20018

Photo by Lucina Nathanael ©Nuitd'Or20018