London Dominatrix Maîtresse Nuit musings on The quest for Female Authority - Leather Fetish

The true leather fetishist hold at the cellular level, the apparent paradox of impregnable palpitating skin encased in tanned, preferably but not exclusively, dyed black leather.

Leather, accentuating Her curves in the most alluring fashion, emphasising the power of Her innate Self, the alchemy of skin on Her skin, the magical merging of scents, pheromones and perfume, Woman is before you.

In awe, you bow to the alluring apparition: you are beholding a face of the Goddess, the Female Principle clad in Leather, you are in the presence of the Will who animates you, who will guide you with a flick of the crop through the descent, teach you, choosing carefully the challenges most appropriate to you, the ordeals most beneficial to your growth.

Her leather gloved hands have the power to arouse, to strike or soothe. They wield the floggers, the cane and the whip which will “cure the heart” and lead to ecstasy.

I invite you to promenade through a new Gallery of photos LEATHER by Lucina Nathanael :

“Before the Promenade” by Lucina Nathanael ©2018

“Before the Promenade” by Lucina Nathanael ©2018