Maîtresse Nuit returns to Albion. Rainy, shorter days beckon the intimacy of the dungeon.

Back from a most wonderful train journey in Southern Italy, I invite you to a descent in the shadows, a Bacchanalia of sorts where I lead you to the sound of the crop into the blissful state of obedience and service.

From your lowered position, gagged, bound in ropes and fetters, I liberate you from the mundane with each knot of the hemp twine. I rearrange your limbs to create a more adequate proposition for my use, and you relax in the experience of helplessness: it would be futile to resist. My will is your command, my whims your delight and it pleases me to see you thus. 

You have forfeited your body and your soul to a greater purpose: that of learning to embrace and worship the Female Principle. I am your guide, your Mistress and I know you will strive to be the best slave you can be. 

You have consented to bend to all my fantasies, to be shaped to my measure, and accepted as self-evident the most outrageous debauchery. 

Your body is so much more enticing when it bears my marks…. subtle imprints of threads to the more vicious bites of the single tail, they tell the tales of your submission in bruised flowers of pain. Renewed with each session, they are a constant reminder of your allegiance.

From the dark red chamber,


I have a busy schedule of travel until December and it is a good idea to consult my calendar to make sure that I’ll be available for appointments both in London and Zurich. I look forward to hearing from you.

LONDON        September 30th to October 12th

                October 30th to November 9th

                November 19th to December 14th

ZURICH        November 12th to 15th

                December 17th to 20th