You have entered this domain because you are seeking your dark Anima. Your cruel Muse.

Are you willing to explore your taboos, fears and fantasies? To test your limits and relinquish your control?

Embrace my exquisite discipline. Abandon yourself to the rituals of my art; On your body I’ll draw maps of pain and ecstasy. With skill, I will push the boundaries of your endurance and release your secret bliss.

I am educated, determined, inspired and thoughtful. My French accent and graceful elegance will beguile you; Don’t be fooled….I delight in dominating men and take great satisfaction in composing unique rituals of cruelty.

I’m an aesthete, seeking Beauty in all I do. I do not tolerate sloppiness, I recognise and respect the true outward signs of agony as tributes to your discoveries and my pleasure.

For all these reasons I am a very good mistress