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Celebrate the Female Principle under the Direction and  Loving Authority of an Elite Dominatrix

A pert bottom....

Or the delicious dangers of having a voluptuous yet firm "derrière" and being Maîtresse's property ...

I must admit I find it very difficult to resist the pleasure of transforming a male.... Here, the very dignified [m von s] is being coerced from butler to erotic object: Forcing the reluctant but submissive ego to don the attire of the slut and cinching his waist in PVC, restraining his wrists and ankles in fetters is rather pleasing...

A pert bottom by ©Nuit d'Or2015


Elite Dominatrix Maîtresse Nuit leads her slave, "headless man" to a game involving a blindfold, a billiard and a set of canes.


He explains in his very respectful message that after serving for many year a most wonderful Mistress who, she had retired and he had been looking for a Woman would accept his service as a Rubber slave / doll 'ornament slave' (my words) and guide on the path of exploring his fascination for extreme bondage, for being displayed, his need for submission, He is interested in my past career as a dancer and wants to explore movement and posture as well as being trained as a slut. The Rubber slave  sends me scrapbook of images that reflect his erotic aesthetics, and his fetish for Objectified Latex creatures. 

As a successful creative, he is concerned with aesthetics, and has the rigour of being a professional, delivering images for clients who expect these to be the gateways which will touch large audiences on a daily basis.

I am touched by the genuine tone of his email and the prospect of meeting someone who is a creative professional is always a welcome challenge. Ever, the dancer, I summon my own inner Teacher and Mistress to witness and asses my own progresses in any path I choose to follow, thus I welcome the devotee who, unknowingly, offer these challenges. Furthermore, I have never met a Rubber doll/slave before.

'constance en janvier'  ©Nuit d'Or 2014

'constance en janvier' ©Nuit d'Or 2014

End of a September afternoon in 2010. A quietly self-assured man kneels at my heeled feet before putting down his rucksack heavy with latex garments and transformative paraphernalia, lowering his eyes and waiting for my command to undress and present himself with his attire for inspection in the dungeon. 

He relinquishes his will to mine, abandoning his masculinity to my decision and/or caprice. He endures the discipline of bondage, applies himself to the training of perfect fellatio, or to keep the shape of arduous postures, trusting that I am leading him to his Anima, the seductive, sensual hybrid creature whose eyes are now shinning at me. 

After three years of regular devotion, I will collar constance as my slave during a ceremony at the Seraglio at the end of March.


End of the Astrological year... Mistress celebrates with a bang!

 Bones... BDSM...on the occasional fragility of a Domina


On Tuesday evening after a particularly wonderful session celebrating the end of the Astrological year and the dawn of Spring, with my delightful friend and partner in crime, Lady Louella and two of the most devoted slaves, I had an encounter with a set of stairs that went slightly wrong...


I broke a bone with a lovely name on my right arm, the Ulna (C on the lovely anatomical drawing above. This is short of a small catastrophy as not only will I not be able to vent my frustration physically for one month, but also donning corset or latex will be somewhat impossible. Even making expresso proves to be mission.

Foot Fetishists will be most welcome from next week.