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The History and Arts of The Dominatrix by Anne O Nomis

Yesterday evening, I was catching up with my dear friend Anne O Nomis who arrived at the Seraglio with a delightful present: The soon to be released into the world and much awaited'History and Arts of the Dominatrix' 

Anne O Nomis takes us on a fascinating journey into the essence of Female worship which starts more than 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia and the rituals practised in honour of the great Goddess Inanna (Ishtar).

Examining texts and artefacts, sculptures, adornments, paintings, engraving, photography and film, she exposes in the warm glow of the light, the various avatars of the Dominatrix. From the High Priestess of ancient Sumer, to contemporary Mistresses of Sydney, Hamburg, N.Y.C. or London via  the cult of Artemis in Sparta, the Winged priestess of the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii, the Governesses, Whipstresses of England in the 18th and 19th centuries and the Bizarre Ladies and Mistresses of the 20th century.

The author takes us on a Grand Tour of her gallery of the Arts of the Dominatrix: 84 colour plates carefully chosen artworks from unknown artists to famous names such as Nathaniel Home, Allen Jones and John Willie and up and coming photographers,

Natasha Gornick


Kate Peters


Phil Miller


Ian Reid

as well as Lucina Nathanael and your Maîtresse.

Her talent as a rigorous art Historian and archeologist, her intelligence as a sociologist and creative curator, her warmth, humour and compassion serve a narrative which pays tribute to women and to the Dominant Woman in all her facets, from tyran to nurturer and challenges many preconceived ideas about exactly what we do as Pro - Dommes.

Anne O Nomis's wonderful book about our craft and history will be

released on 1st December

in Hardback and Kindle, with 6 weeks to go before Christmas....

It is a must; now, go... get it!

Click here to find out more about the book and pre-order copies of the limited collector's edition of 'The History and Arts of the Dominatrix' .