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Al Andalous - Maîtresse Nuit's new photos by Lucina Nathanael

Al Andalous - Maîtresse Nuit's new photos by Lucina Nathanael 


I will ask for your SURRENDER and ACCEPTANCE, for your participation in your own quest and as a credit to my craft. You may come to Adore me as you Endure my ministrations: I am both Giver and Taker  

....Some lucky and devoted slave has just discovered what Maîtresse Nuit has in stock for him for 2013!

Nuit d'Or & [m] by Lucina Nathanael ©2011

" What are these ephemeral sensual delights, these ludicrous comedies, compared with what the anxious, insatiable, searching soul yearns for? To whom Woman is the sovereign Idol! Compared with those real torments to which the devotee condemns himself, abandons himself, in proof of his complete submission and in order to testify to his fervour! "

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch  

'One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards'

Oscar Wilde, naturellement...


'Playing fairly...' by Lucina Nathanael© 2011

2 months is a very long time without playing.... But whilst house bound with a broken leg, I dreamt about ceremonies of worship to the Eternal Feminine, I have had plenty of time to devise rituals, intricate scenarios of kidnapping, long discipline training sessions and games.... Your Maîtresse resumes sessioning this week.

Come and play