Etiquette when contacting a Mistress.

As a Pro-Domme, I take pleasure in the many rituals of preparation for a session; reading and writing are two of them.

When the first email of a serious client lands in my inbox then my curiosity is piqued by a new articulation of a shared interest or by the discovery of a defined fetish exposed in an eloquent message which often reveals authenticity.

I sense purpose in particular aspects of disclosure, often lead by the dual nature of a long acquaintance with a distinctive sexual penchant and the true desire to explore this intimate corner of your psyche with me specifically.

 A portrait of you is sketched in my mind which will be fleshed out along our sessions as the journey deepens my knowledge of your perversion(s), your emotional, intellectual and physical moods and their various modes.

 This is why it is important for me to read you. This is the reason I demand precise information and give you instructions to follow when contacting me on my website.

 It is a waste of your time to send me one-liners by emails or text: they go straight to the bin. If one can’t make the effort of writing about something so fundamental as one’s sexual expression, there is little chance that I will take you seriously. In the same register, a lack of courtesy from your part will not bode well for a possible audience. If you lack the knowledge of elementary etiquette, I suggest you brush up.

I look forward to reading you.

Phillis and Aristotle - Meister des Hausbuchs

Phillis and Aristotle - Meister des Hausbuchs