Of Seafood, Macarons and Champagne. Of Oral pleasures, Deep-throating, Foot Fetish and Golden Showers....

Collaring ceremonies are ominous events which mark the relationship of a Dominant and her submissive.

For the renewal collaring ceremony of my slave [m von s], I was assisted by my lovely apprentice Siren and serguei, a trusted slave of Miss Meyers and skilled chauffeur.

Miss Meyers and Lady Lola, two dear friends and talented Pro-Dommes joined forces with me as well as marie-gwendoline, a most wonderful female submissive lent for the occasion by her Master, Marcus de Sade 

This is the third part of an account by marie-gwendoline

The two men slaves serve first the Mistresses , then me, then they have to wait until Maîtresse Nuit decides when and what they can eat. We drink champagne, I am allowed to be on the sofa. The Mistresses put some pearl collar around my neck and enjoy making me beautifull. I am enjoying a lot this moment. We are five women, five Goddesses, laughing and being served.

“[m-von-s] is a very good foot worshiper . Go [m-von-s], go and whorship marie-gwendoline feet. And give her a good foot massage!’

He does it with adoration and respect. I let him do and share with the Mistresses what I feel.

I need to piss and tell Maîtresse Nuit. She orders [m-von-s] to follow her. He always walks on his four. He will never stand up tonight, only for being whipped with the single tail:  “ Lay down on your back, marie-gwendoline is going to piss on your face. Open your mouth dog!!”

I piss without any shame on his face. “Madame, he is closing his mouth!!”. Iam a bitch to him …enjoying the pleasure I can see in the eyes of Nuit.

He complains softly “it is bitter Mistress”. Normal …I hold my piss since the beginning of the ceremony as Nuit ordered me.

Ahhhhh if my Master could see this scene!! He could be so proud and amused!!!

Back to the main room. We relax and eat macarons. Maitresse Nuit takes a macaron and put it delicately  between my cunt lips. She orders : “eat it  m-von-s! and I don’t want to see a single crumb left ! marie-gwendoline will check it! “. Nuit kisses me and go to the sofa to enjoy the scene.   Again I become funny and bitch. I love to amuse them and it works. I crush a macaron on my cunt. I take some and put it deep in the mouth of m-von-m.

 I am the slave and the Goddess. I am the yin and the yang . I get what Nuit wants from me and I am enjoying it.

“My Master teached me how to deepthroat. You want to learn m-von-s?”

They applause enthousiastic : ‘she is so sluttish ! yes go on marie teach him!”

I put three fingers deep in my throat in front of m-von-s. And I follow by doing the same to m-von-s. He has the reflex to throw up. I go on, my finger from my throat to his throat …deep.  .

Maîtresse Nuit moves her heel toward him: “we all know that you love to worship feet and shoes.  deepthroat my heel dog! ”. He executes. “Ha! Ha! you bought these shoes for me and you love high heel! Me too! “

I go with fun to take a plate and a towel and put in front of him in case he vomits.

It is Lady Lola’s turn to let her stiletto penetrate [m von s] mouth. The Diva of Foot Fetish lets her deliciously arched foot encassed in patent leather and will repeatedly deep throat him.

He tries to swallow the heels entirely with devotion. He has often the reflex to vomit. I am impressed. He is doing the best he can.

Nuit is a professional Mistress. A special one. She does everything with passion. If a sub doesn't satisfy her, she sends him back home. And he cannot knock at her door anymore. I love this rigor.

To be continued...