Of Blood and Bonds

Collaring ceremonies are ominous events which mark the relationship of a Dominant and her submissive.

For the renewal collaring ceremony of my slave [m von s], I was assisted by my lovely apprentice Siren and serguei, a trusted slave of Miss Meyers and skilled chauffeur.

Miss Meyers and Lady Lola, two dear friends and talented Pro-Dommes joined forces with me as well as marie-gwendoline, a most wonderful female submissive lent for the occasion by her Master, Marcus de Sade 

This is the fourth and last part of an account by marie-gwendoline

10h pm: The collaring.
[m-von-s] is lying on his back on the floor. Arms wide. Sergei holds his right hand. I hold his left hand. Miss Meyers is bending over his face, gently touching his head shaved for the occasion. She speaks to him, comforts him, always looking in his eyes.
Nuit takes her scalpel. :
" I want blood. Your blood, open your legs."
He obeys.
" Breathe in, breathe out, give me yourself... Breathe"
We are all supporting him, breathing with him.
Intense moment.
Nuit chooses a point at the top of his left leg inside. She is very precise. Soft and determinate at the same time.
A first cut.
" breathe in, breathe out…"
A second one. ..she is going to design an N. Blood is running.
I feel his hand holding mine very strongly. His eyes focused on Miss Meyers above him.
I am breathing deeply. He can handle. We all feel proud of him.
Finished…. A floating moment.
We are now [m-von-s], Sergei and I seating on the floor, listening to Miss Meyers reading the contract.
[m-von-s] has to sign. I expect îMa Nuit takes some blood from his leg.
No. She takes his index and makes a rapid cut. Blood. He signs several parts of the contract.

The Atmosphere is more relaxed now.

[m-von-s] and sergei go on serving and serving me. I even don't have to ask for it. They propose me champagne, water, sweet, fruits. Plates passing in front of me. I am enjoying this. I just have to behave the best I can to be a good example for [m-von-s].

The night will end at 3 am.

 Time to go to sleep. I take a bath in my luxurious bathroom. My mind is relaxed, I am floating.

I feel so thankful to Nuit to have trusted me for this so great collaring ceremony!.

I feel so thankful to my Meester to have given me to Nuit for the ceremony!

I fall asleep with the voice and the smile of my Meester in mind. “We are living in a movie”.

The day after at the airport, a message from Nuit on my cell: “ Bon voyage my  beautiful. Thank-you for your fabulous presence. You are the best sub I’ve ever met and you do honour to your Master.”

Photo by Siren©Nuit d'Or2018

Photo by Siren©Nuit d'Or2018

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