Of black silk gauze, hemp ropes and bondage. Of whips and canes, of ecstasy and agony and poignant devotion.

For the renewal collaring ceremony of my slave [m von s], I was assisted by my lovely apprentice Siren and serguei, a trusted slave of Miss Meyers and skilled chauffeur.

Miss Meyers and Lady Lola, two dear friends and talented Pro-Dommes joined forces with me as well as marie-gwendoline, a most wonderful female submissive lent for the occasion by her Master, Marcus de Sade 

This is part two of an account by marie-gwendoline

7 pm: The Ceremony starts with the Ordeal
I am wrapped up face and body in a black transparent silk organza, a bondage made by Nuit holding the fabric around me.
Music. Candles.
Sergei is naked with a bondage next to me. I lie on the floor with his help.
He makes me roll slowly to the centre of the room.
[m-von-s] is naked, on his knees.
The four Mistresses exquisitely dressed up for the ceremony, are wearing a black Veil on their face. They are four real beauties. 
Maîtresse Nuit comes and bends over me to cut directly on my body with a knife the bondage and the fabric. I am shaking. I have always been scared of knives. While doing this she tells m-von-s: 
“Look at her. She is a slave and a Goddess.  Be attentive to the pain she is going to receive tonight. You will receive the same. Try to receive the pain with the same grace as she will display.”

From this moment,  I will be whipped, canned, whipped again in the arms of sergei supporting me. His eyes always in my eyes.

Maîtresse Nuit is strong and soft at the same time.

“I don’t hear you counting marie-gwendoline!” I don’t know how many times her whip hit me. I look at serguei: “seven?” He smiles at me and whispers: “eight”.

I count, until thirteen, the last hits are very strong. Maîtresse comes to me and kisses me on my lips: “you are beautiful”. Her voice is soft and elegant. She will use different whips. I will count until thirteen each time.

In my back, I can hear the others Mistresses: “Look at her bottom! Oh, look how she presents her arse! Beautifull! She so graceful in her submission! Look at her and learn from her m-von-s!!"

We will be, Sergei and I, two tables facing each other.  Being caned and humiliated.  
We will be nothing... But...I will always feel that Sergei and m-von-s are ‘less’ than me. They will serve me all night long. I will just have to ask. This is so strange to me!

I am looking now at [m-von-s] being used and whipped and canned in the same position as mine.  Sergei is holding his hands. He is willing and strong. 

Time for champagne....

“Come here marie-gwendoline”. I go on my four to Maîtresse Nuit. “Do you know that marie-gwendoline is very good at holding the glass of her Master? Look at her m-von-s. I’d love you to hold my glass one day with the same grace “

On my knees in front of her, I open my mouth and she puts the bottom of the glass in it. My Master trained me to hold His glass with my teeth, and I am proud to have the opportunity to show it tonight. I slowly and proudly turn my head to look at m-von-m.

 The Mistresses are excited and admirative. “Ohhh!!... the look in her eyes, when she is looking at [m-von-s]!!! she is so graceful!” so delightful! Isn’t she ?”

“On your four marie-gwendoline!! Show [m-von-s] how to behave!”

Miss Meyer takes her cane and comes to me. She is famous for her way of caning. Precise and strong.  She starts caning my ass. I hold the glass, a bit less straight. She goes on. I don’t want to fail. sub, slave and Mistresses have eyes on me. The pain makes me scream and I make a lot of effort to keep holding the glass. And I succeed!

I am in a large armchair now. Just wearing stockings, suspender belt and high heels.  Legs open.
Sergei’s assignment is to lick me and make me come. I have the assignment to teach him.  If he doesn't succeed ...we are canned the both of us.
Fun! I feel the sudden need to play with it and to humiliate him.

 Ha! Ha! Ha! Go sergei! marie-gwendoline is a slut!”
It will be a hard moment for him....his neck is painful, I tell him with fun and distance to suck, I tell him that it is a lot better with my fairy wand. I enjoy to please the mistresses by directing him. I want to do well! Very strange mixed feelings. I am a slave dominating a submissive man.
He makes me come...a bit…We are safe.
These four Mistresses are fantastic.  Laughing and speaking with fun and class of the wayS of giving pain or humiliation.  Playing and supporting each other with extra feminity.

The room service knocks at the door.  A big appetizing buffet with seafood, salmon, salads, and other delicious dishes is coming. 

To be continued...

Preparations marie-gwendoline and Maitresse Nuit - photo by Siren ©Nuit d'Or2018

Preparations marie-gwendoline and Maitresse Nuit - photo by Siren ©Nuit d'Or2018