Collaring ceremonies are ominous events which mark the relationship of a Dominant and her submissive.

For the renewal collaring ceremony of my slave [m von s], I was assisted by my lovely apprentice Siren and serguei, a trusted slave of Miss Meyers and skilled chauffeur.

Miss Meyers and Lady Lola, two dear friends and talented Pro-Dommes joined forces with me as well as marie-gwendoline, a most wonderful female submissive lent for the occasion by her Master, Marcus de Sade 

This account is by marie-gwendoline

My Meester sends me to serve a Mistress in London for a collaring ceremony.
He doesn't want me to know anything else about it.

One week ago I received by email a ticket to London from Maitresse Nuit.

Tuesday 6h30 am.
My Meester drop me off at the airport. He kisses me and tells me with a smile :

 "We are living in a movie. Make me proud !"

I will..... I leave full of  Him in my mind and body. It cannot be another way.

9h30: London airport. A nice man in a suit is welcoming me. "Hi marie-gwendoline, I am sergei, please follow me".
He opens the door of the car for me.
I am not used to it and go to the other side to open the door for myself. Sergei tells me with a smile.  “Do you want to drive?”

 Oops! We are in England of course…the wheel is on the other way ...hi hi ...I imagine the reaction of my Meester in this situation:
" you are so stuuupiiid " hi hi
Well, I finally sit in my place. Sergei gives me a pair of glasses:  " wear the glasses please, it is the instruction". I don't see anything anymore. they are blindfold glasses.

12h30: We park. Sergei tells me to remove my glasses.
We are at the entrance of a Palace. A man opens the door of the car, takes my bag. Another one opens the lobby door.
Now no mistake. I am getting used!
A beautiful woman comes to me
"I  am Mistress Siren, follow me"
....Oh.. my bedroom…. I am Alice in the wonderland!
"You can relax, take a bath and order something to eat. Maitresse Nuit will be there at 3:30 pm. "

I send a lot of pictures to my Meester.
I need so much to share everything with Him.
3h pm: a room service knocks at the door.
He comes to open the connecting door to the suite close to my bedroom.
Woaw.!!!  I am alone and impressed by the magnificence of the place. I go to inspect the suite like Alice, on the other side of the mirror.

Someone knocks at the door. I don’t dare say anything. Knocks again and finally enter.

A man with a bouquet of white roses.  “Oh! excuse me, Madame. I leave this bouquet, someone is going to bring a pot for it.” and he leaves.

I go back to my bedroom and have a bath. I am so excited! I really need to relax.

A message from Nuit on my cell:

 “I am delighted that you here dear marie-gwendoline. Rest. I'll see you at 3h30pm. “

3h30pm: Maîtresse Nuit, Mistress Siren, Miss Meyers and Lady Lola arrive. Beautiful, elegant and ultra-feminine women.
Sergei is also here. he is one of Miss Meyer’s sub and she has lent him to Nuit.

He and I will serve the ceremony.

I hear that [m-von-s], who is renewing his contract as a collared slave to Maîtresse Nuit, was this morning visiting the " British Museum". He had an assignment:
To walk around the museum and find Goddesses statues: Isis, Sophia, Ishtar and Aphrodite. When he finds a statue he has to be on his knees and deposit a rose at her feet.

He didn’t know that in fact, the Mistresses were in the museum, standing next to the statue that represents them.

Miss Meyer next to the statue of Sophia. Mistress Siren next to the statue of Ishtar and Lady-Lola next to the statue of Aphrodite. Isis is the goddess of Maitresse Nuit. But Maitresse Nuit is not in the museum.

4 pm: Maîtresse Nuit explains the scenario to all of us.  We have to remember how to enter the room, where is our place and what to do. 
It is the first time in my BDSM life that I am going to play in the company of submissive men. I don't know how to behave with them.

" You are a slave and you are also a Goddess. We are females worshipped by males. Don't forget this: you are the slave of the Mistresses tonight.  And the Goddess of the men. They will worship you as they worship us."
  "Tonight.. you are…the goddess… Freya."
Her voice is soft and elegant.
All this sound so new and solemn to me!
A warm wave takes me all.
I feel my Meester .
I do want to offer tonight the best of myself.

I ask  M. Nuit if her slave [m-von-s] is resting in the other bedroom.
- " He is in the closet, with a plug up his ass ": she answers very naturally.

To be continued....


photo by Siren ©Nuit d'Or2018

photo by Siren ©Nuit d'Or2018