The virtues of apprenticeship

Last week, I was surprised to learned that the 3 young mistresses who had won some tuition with the reknowned Pro-Domme and Lifestyler Madame Caramel didn’t bother to take advantage of this generous offer. Although being a Dominatrix is a matter of personal creativity, I believe it is important that new Mistresses learn the skills needed to conduct sessions in a satisfactory and safe manner. There are numerous ways to learn… But there is nothing like serving an apprenticeship and be taught by a reputable Dominant, either as a submissive or as a junior Domina.

10 years ago I finally allowed myself to explore and express my sexuality and took my first official step on the path of BDSM. On a rainy November evening, I was walking through Russell Square with a friend of mine when one of the silk grosgrain of my high heel Richelieux became undone. My friend, kneeled with great reverence at my feet to tie the unruly lace. I was electrified. I stood in the rain contemplating this man at my feet and relishing the beauty of this moment: Time became elastic and space extended around us, we were connected to a web of vibrations and light, we were the fabric of the universe. I knew at this moment that my life had changed radically.

A few days later I was having a coffee with a writer friend of mine who used to be a Pro-Domme and a chef and wrote a wonderful book about her adventures in London called “Concertina, the Life and Loves of a Dominatrix”. We devised how I was going to become a Mistress and she called her friend, a very well known London Pro-Domme: Mistress Fiore. I had met her once before at a dinner party and had been attracted by her hypnotic, melodious voice, her magnetic beauty, her intelligence and her dry sense of humour .

It took me a month and a half to convince Mistress Fiore that this was not a caprice, a whim. Not only, had I been considering exploring SM in real life after decades of reading about it, making art around it, I also went through several years of psychoanalysis and knew myself, my shadows, my struggles and talents pretty well: I was sane and grounded in an eccentric and artistic way.

My apprenticeship with this remarkable, generous woman and talented Dominatrix started on a wet January evening at her dungeon in Bayswater. Mistress Fiore ushered me into the lounge where she explained the session that was about to start and gave me some background on her client. Lansky, her dog surveilled our preparations as I put the last touches of makeup and she finished dressing.

The bell rang, and I stayed alone in the small dungeon room draped in blue velvet whilst Mistress Fiore left to open the door. I sat gingerly at the end of a massive spanking bench under the canopy of a suspension rig, studying the innumerable cock torture implements, weights and nipple clamps displayed in the glass cabinet, the impressive collection of leather hoods, gags and the single tail whips. Her throne, an ingenious green bondage armchair which seat was carved as a V took most of the room. On closer look I realised that attached to the bottom of the chair, there was a brushed steel grid with a head cage over a plexiglass box which could slide on off between the legs of the chair. I learned months later, during a memorable first attempt at Golden Shower with an extremely patient and enthusiastic slave how to use the throne to its full potential. A strange sensation of joy mixed with excitement and a sense of possibilities was quickening my blood: I was home.

Soon Mistress Fiore and her slave entered; he was fully clothed. as she sat on her throne she ordered him to greet me and kiss my feet. Then the slave was ordered to quickly undress.

Mistress Fiore collared him and we took him to the clinic for a thorough examination. The clinic room bathed in an atmospheric turquoise light and I developed an instant fetish for the room as well as for the activities that went on in this particular territory. That night, I learned how to use sounds, letting them glide along the shaft of well-held penis whilst murmuring delightful threats, chilling descriptions of future ordeals, humiliating comments with the most alluring tone. Mistress Fiore not only was a very skilled and versatile Dominatrix, she was also an accomplished Sadistic Sheerazade. That particular evening, I also learned how to command a man to ejaculate on order and to ruin his orgasm. A treat my teacher rarely granted her slaves. I was stunned and elated by the gigantic leap I had taken.

During this year as an apprentice, I learned how men are eager to please and to be lead by Loving Female Authority. I learned the discipline and strategic thinking required to be an excellent Dominant as well as the skills of a consensual and Sadist. I learned to administer the cane, the whip, to fist and to fuck an arsecunt, to carefully administer an enema, to apply needles, to cut, to suture and to brand devoted slaves. Above all, I learned how much devotion it takes to be an exceptional Dominatrix.

I am very grateful to Mistress Fiore.

Anima by Lucina Nathanael ©Nuit d’Or 2018 (on Mistress Fiore throne)

Anima by Lucina Nathanael ©Nuit d’Or 2018 (on Mistress Fiore throne)