Recently, I noticed two photographs posted on the wall of a wonderful new devotee's social network. The first one is a slogan painted on a wall above a polyptych of urban Art. It is painted in the manner of advertisements of old before the advent of massive posters billing campaigns, and it reads:


The second one, A graffiti which seems to be painted on the corner of a building claims the following:


Both posts acknowledge the reversibility and the reciprocity of the statements.These four words: ADORE, ENDURE, GIVER and TAKER, resonate and articulate a conundrum familiar in the context of a D/s relationships, whether lifestyle or professional.

They express for me the trust and connection which I aim for when I embark on a journey with a submissive and / or a slave. They articulate a dynamic which in erasing linear time, closing the door to the mundane and entering the sacred space of BDSM play, can bring both of us to experience a glimpse of the sublime. They bear within themselves a fundamental paradox: our solipsistic quest for our own centre, which is also the portal to something greater than ourselves.

Urged by Lust,  our erotic explorations of pleasure and pain, lead us to discoveries and Acceptance of ourselves and others, thru a reunion of Body and Mind. 

Thus, you stumble upon an image of the Goddess: your Anima, the One who you feel can Take you, lower you, debase you, hurt you, inflict her discipline, push your limits, demand your endurance, your obedience, the One who will Give you back to yourself as she dishes her lashes quickening your fatigued soul, the One who will force you in a bacchanalia of debauchery, the One who will deny you with contempt as she teases you mercilessly, the One who will gaze into your eyes and stare unblinkingly at your distress and enfold you in the abyss of her black eyes… 

You will send an email to this One and ask for an audience, not knowing that if granted, I will ask for your SURRENDER and ACCEPTANCE, for your participation in your own quest and as a credit to my craft. You may come to Adore me as you Endure my ministrations as I am both Giver and Taker  ;-)