Maîtresse Nuit's New Play Space opens!

To my long suffering devotees and would be new slaves.... ;-) Thank you for your patience and support in the face of denial!  

Follow me to my new playspace, the'Seraglio'... in the heart of trendy London. 

During what seemed to be the coldest Spring I can remember, and the short bursts of sweltering heat of the Summer, I have created a salon of sorts where time stops it's relentless grind to bow to the whims of the Eternel Feminin.

It is a secret space where sacred and profane meet, a new stage where Priapus is led by Venus , to the sound of the whip and the voice of your Anima revealed by your exacting Mistress.

à bientôt, 

Maîtresse Nuit


'Venus's whip' by Lucinal Nathanael ©Lucina Nathanael 2013 

           Maîtresse Nuit pays homage to Leopold Von Sacher Masoch's Woman