Or, the incomparable delights of Foot Worship

High on my Fetishes list are shoes, vertiginous heels, classic court shoes, Thigh high boots as well as more exotic items, like point shoes, Chinese slippers, cothurns, riding boots. All precious vessels for my highly sensitive feet.

The fetish that I share with a lot of Women and some male connoisseurs is a childhood fascination I have with feet and with Dance. An overly stretched arch spells desire and control, it transcends the mortal and elevates in a graceful and strong lift, to the spheres of the Goddess. It inspires as well as it commands submission and devoted attention. From toes to ankle, the foot, naked or veiled by the finest nylon, encased in the leather of stilettos or gained in the sheat of boots, is a microcosm of eroticism, a map of pleasure.

The shoe is a perfect hermaphrodite object: If its body is a vessel, a chalice, the heel is its dagger, a tantalizing lethal weapon. 

The specialized anatomical vocabulary of shoes is itself conducive to exquisite reveries: the throat, the waist, … Under the direction of your Mistress, you may respectfully kiss the toes box to the throat of the delicate leather, resting a moment on the vamp, and finishing at the quarter. You may be permitted to lick the heel and its breast and then from pitch to toes you will clean the outer sole….

Under your Mistresse's foot, you feel the power of her Femininity and the joy and freedom of being her slave. If you are lucky and talented, you may be ordered to massage her precious extremities


'And so it goes...' by Lucinal Nathanael ©Lucina Nathanael 2013 - New Gallerie 'Foot Fetish'