Update: My Paradise.... suspended?

Suspended... annimation by Nuit d'Or ©Nuit d'Or 2012

What makes My Paradise such a happy place, you might wonder…It is because of the small numbers of the Elect.  And the strangest part about it is, amongst the most determined, the keenest adherents, robust, healthy, powerful, intelligent, males are ready for the fray, looking forward to this mystic martyrdom.

Whilst my Paradise is held within the fascinating and metaphorical space of a 'session', and thus not contingent on a particular dungeon, I decided a few months back to invest in a physical space in Central London.

After an intense few months marred with the usual ups and downs of trying to find a studio to create my trademark sessions, host ceremonies and specialist salons, I might be near to secure the gem.... I welcome good wishes, positive visualisation, and practical help! 

Meanwhile I continue practicing in two wonderful studios Murder Miles studio and the London Fetish Studio and making images.... My latest additions are in a new Gallery: session - Suspended.