I have been directing Professional BDSM sessions since 2009 after serving an apprenticeship with the renowned and respected Mistress Fiore of London. I am an elegant, educated, determined, intuitive and cruel Alpha Female. Although my second mother tongue is Spanish, I prefer playing in English or French. A sensual sadist, lover of erotic transgressions with a background in performance and visual arts and a passion for BDSM, I conduct my sessions from my own beautiful, sophisticated and well-appointed dungeon in the East of London.

The aim of this website is to find compatible slaves, submissives, masochists, fetishists and sissies, bondage and corporal punishment aficionados for in-person ProDomme sessions. I cater for both novices, through to the more advanced submissives and masochists. Courteous individuals who are adept at communicating and know how to behave in the presence of a Dominatrix will retain my attention.

It is essential that you are an authentic submissive, masochist or fetishist, that your desire to serve, suffer or entertain me is real and that you abide by my rules and guidelines.

Discerning and precise in my tastes, I only play if I feel we are suited. Familiarise yourself with the ‘Sessions' section and you will discover my fetishes and areas of expertise. You will also understand my taboos.

A demanding Mistress, I am nevertheless fair. I will encourage your explorations, push you and I will always respect your hard limits, I expect the same from you.

I strive for quality in all my endeavours, and therefore in my sessions: from script to scene, costume, equipment, atmosphere, to cleanliness, all are reflexions of my attention to details and creativity.

Privacy is important to me. To this effect, no one other than myself read or respond to my emails. I answer my telephone and schedule my appointments. I also attend to all tasks related to my dungeon. I rarely allow slaves to do domestic jobs for me.

My Tribute is my financial income. In a comparable fashion to any other professional you may enlist, you pay Tribute (Fees) for my time with you. It follows that I do not accept invitations to diners, outings or travels without receiving Tribute from you

Should you seriously intend arranging an appointment, you must familiarise yourself with my website read attentively the page titled ‘Session with me’ and send me an introduction email as instructed.